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Tribe of Anthropik

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The Tribe of Anthropik is a small, primitivist group with ambitions of forming a functional hunter-gatherer tribe in the future. These ambitions are still in their formative stages, making the Tribe of Anthropik at this point in time primarily a philosophically and politically inclined social circle in Pittsburgh, PA (USA).


Anthropik Media


After leaving Tribal Dawn, Jason Godesky remained committed to the concept of occupational tribes as outlined by Daniel Quinn in Beyond Civilization. This led to the inception of Anthropik Media. Like Tribal Dawn, Anthropik Media was to be an occupational tribe making a living from computer services, programming and the internet. However, Anthropik Media was also to be more focused, concentrating solely on web development, web programming, and web design.


Jason's full-time employment at Vivísimo kept Anthropik Media from ever developing into a significant entity. It was never incorporated, and no significant presence was ever established. The Tribe of Anthropik sometimes accepts freelance work, but this has ceased to be the group's primary focus for making a living.


As the tribe's attitudes about occupational tribes shifted, Anthropik Media was largely abandoned. The name "Tribe of Anthropik" came into use as a general appelation for the group as it shifted its focus from that of an occupational tribe to a forager band.


Current Activities


All members of the Tribe of Anthropik are trying to acquire basic survival skills for the wild. All members of the tribe are in some way affiliated with running the Anthropik Network, a closely-knit collection of websites dedicated to advancing the pragmatic knowledge and philosophy of the tribe's unique brand of primitivism. The Tribe of Anthropik also started and remains heavily committed to The Fifth World project.





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