A sodality is a group united by a common interest, whether it is a hobby, profession or otherwise. Like clans, they provide another dimension of influence that cuts across tribes.


Within larger tribal societies the band-structure is fulfilled by clans within the tribe, or by sodalities such as initiatic or secret societies, hunt or war societies, gender societies, "children's republics," and so on. (Hakim Bey, Temporary Autonomous Zone [1]


Proposing a sodality


Sodalities must be presented to the Council of the Confederation at the annual Mountain Festival. The Council must return an unanimous consent for the new sodality to be instituted as an officially sanctioned order of the Appalachian Confederation. Of course, there is little the Council can do to stop individuals from associating in set ways; this vote only bars the official recognition of the sodality as part of the Confederation, and denies the sodality representation on the Council.


Sodalities of the Confederation


There are currently no established sodalities of the Confederation.


Proposed sodalities



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