Festival Cycle

Council of the Confederation Festivals are the primary political events of the Confederation, where all tribes converge on a single location to share stories, form alliances, and so forth. As Michael Green wrote, "Our longing for the vital and unexpected exchanges that occur in cities will be fulfilled by these joyous gatherings. Springing up and dispersing before any serious damage is done to the environment, they bring together all the nation in happy tummult and solemn rite."


The Appalachian Confederation's official Festival Cycle is sparse for now, with only a single festival. Other festivals will be added by the Council of the Confederation, as needed, by unanimous consent.


The Mountain Festival


See Mountain Festival


The Mountain Festival is the primary political event of the Appalachian Confederation. Held in the shadow of Seneca Rocks during the Dog Days of Summer when Sirius is ascendant, it marks the birth of the Confederation, and is the only time of the year when a new tribe can be admitted into the Confederation.


A festival as imagined by Michael Green in Afterculture